Healthy Planet 2010: Life balance

February 5, 2010

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The demands of work and personal responsibilities can be overwhelming at times, affecting mental and physical health and reducing well-being and productivity. Purdue employees can tap into several resources to help them manage their daily demands, enabling them to live healthy, happy, productive lives.

WorkLife Programs Employee Assistance works to provide a safe harbor where employees can address personal, family, or work-related issues and regain perspective and productivity. Other resources are available through CIGNA Employee Assistance Program and WorkLife Programs. Purdue also provides mental health benefits on the Purdue Choice Fund, Purdue Incentive Plan and Purdue Copay Plan.

WorkLife Programs Employee Assistance
Purdue offers benefit-eligible faculty and staff, official retirees, dependent family members, domestic partners and family of deceased employees access to confidential and professional counseling and referral services. 

WorkLife Programs Employee Assistance can help employees and their families cope with:

* Marriage or adult relationships.
* Adjustment following divorce.
* Step-family issues.
* Parent-child relationships.
* Child and adolescent behavioral problems.
* Autism-spectrum disorders.
* Stress (work-related, self-esteem issues; chronic physical or mental illness, or chronic pain).
* Depression.
* Problem drinking and drug abuse.
* Elder caregiving.
* Anxiety and panic disorders
* Obsessive compulsive disorder.
* Alcohol and drug abuse.
* Grief and loss issues.

WorkLife Programs Employee Assistance also offers supervisory consultations, crisis intervention, suicide assessment and a wide variety of educational information. 
For more information, call 49-47707 or go to
CIGNA Employee Assistance Program
CIGNA's Employee Assistance Program is available to all Purdue employees by calling (800) 767-7141 or online at Advocates are available by phone to help assess employees' needs and develop a solution to help resolve concerns. They also can direct people to an array of resources in the community and online tools including an article library. If face to face assistance is needed, employees can receive a list of three licensed therapists they can speak to free of charge for the first three visits.
Educational materials on work/life topics such as caregiving, daily living and working smarter are available online, as well as personal assessments and interactive tools.
Purdue benefits
Mental health benefits under Purdue’s medical plans may be used for the treatment of clinical mental illness and for counseling and care related to stressful situations employees are experiencing. For example, marriage or child-rearing problems, grieving over the loss of a loved one, and work-related stress are all eligible for mental health benefits under the Purdue medical plans.

Coverage provided by the plans is available through plan summaries at
WorkLife Programs offerings
WorkLife Programs offers stress management programming throughout the year. A list of WorkLife Programs offerings is available at