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To submit information to Purdue Today

News, calendar items and story ideas may be submitted to Purdue Today through one of the following ways:

  • Use the submission form found at the bottom of this page.
  • E-mail
  • Via campus mail to Valerie O'Brien, Publications, South Campus Courts, Building D.

Submission should include:

  • Relevant contact information including names, telephone and e-mail address. Indicate whether this information is only for our office use or should appear in the published information.
  • Online links.
  • Requested date of publication and/or deadline for registration.

* Note: All submissions are subject to approval and editing. A Purdue Today editor will contact the submitter for confirmation within two working days.


The deadline to submit items for Purdue Today is one week before the requested date of publication. If more urgent, call the Purdue Today editor at (765) 494-9573.

Events to be included in the calendar should be submitted by the Wednesday before the week of the event.

Items of interest to the general public

If the information you want to share is of interest to the general public as well as the campus audience, please submit it to External Relations. Contact information can be found at Submission is due at least two weeks before the item needs to appear in the news media.

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