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Becoming Credit-Wise: What Students (and You!) Should know was written for financial aid administrators, but has great information for students regarding being credit savvy.

Consumer Credit is an article hosted by Purdue Extension reviewing basic consumer credit information and how to protect your consumer credit.

Have you taken advantage of freezing your credit?  Learn more about your credit freeze (security freeze) from the Indiana Attorney General. 

A credit freeze... 

  • Blocks identity theft
  • Requires creditors to ask for permission before taking action
  • Absolutely FREE for Indiana Residents

Debt.org is America’s Debt Help Organization, helping people in every stage of life become financially savvy. It covers an array of school-related topics including finding the right student loan, saving money on textbooks and creating a budget. Recent graduates can learn how to save money during student loan repayment such as by consolidating loans or having student loans discharged altogether. Individuals in any stage of life can check out other information and tips on topics like credit cards, real estate and retirement. 

Receive a FREE credit report once a year from annualcreditreport.com.  Fight identity theft by monitoring and reviewing your credit report.