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The Purdue Mesoscale Modeling Laboratory (PMML) has been developing the Purdue Regional Climate Model (PRCM), also known as the Purdue Mesoscale Model (PMM), for more than 25 years. Directed by Professor Wen-Yih Sun, the PRCM has been applied to a variety of atmospheric and geophysical occurrences, including land-ocean contrasts, the blocking effect of mountains, the formation of dryline, development of monsoon fronts, low-level jets, severe winter storms, and the cause and evolution of the 1988 drought in the US, the 1993 flood in Mississippi Valley, and the 1998 flood in China and Korea. It has also been used to predict the three-day weather of April 2004 in Asia and the West Pacific Ocean. By including the effects of transport and deposition of dust/aerosols and gases phases of chemistry, the PRCM has also been used to study the dust storms in China and the dispersion of ozone in the Great Lakes Regions.

In addition to the Purdue Regional Climate Model, Professor Sun’s group has also worked on cloud modeling, large-eddy simulation (LES), turbulence air pollution modeling, numerical schemes, and theoretical geofluid dynamics. We hope that we can have a better understanding of the physics and dynamics of the atmosphere, as well as improve the accuracy of numerical weather prediction.

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