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Campus Mailings Title
Quantity mailings which involve several pieces of campus mail addressed to the same building should be bundled by the building and secured with string or rubber band. As a general rule, mailing of 5 pieces or more per building fall under this procedure. The bundles will be delivered intact to the designated building.
Campus Envelopes

All blank spaces on campus envelopes should be properly filled out to assure prompt delivery. The space marked "From" should be completed so that the envelope can be returned to the sender if address is incorrect. Do not discard campus envelopes until all blank spaces have been used.

When supply is available, we can furnish used campus envelopes. These can be ordered on the Supply Order sheet.

Link to Service Supply Form
Personal Mail and Packages

MDS should not be used for delivery of personal materials such as: greeting cards, political or campaign information, house rental or sales notices, church news, personal items-for-sale notices or other items not relating to the official business of the University.

All personal mail and packages should be addressed to a staff member's home address.

Outgoing personal packages should not be left at campus pick-up areas, but should be taken directly to the U.S. Post Office or deposited in official U.S. Post Office boxes.

Residence Halls
By arrangements with the Office of the Acting Director of Residence Halls, student organizations may prepare mailings to be placed without postage in the residence halls' post office boxes. Approval will be limited to students organizations registered with the Office of the Dean of Students. Approved mailings must be individually addressed, alphabetized by hall, and delivered directly to the main office of each unit by the sender.

Students in the residence Halls are served by the U.S. Post Office. Although, students may use the Campus Mail Services to communicate with University Offices, they are not allowed to use this service for personal correspondence with other students.

For additional information on mail procedures for the Residence Halls, contact the Office of the Acting Director of Residence Halls.
Regional Campus Courier Services
USPS Priority 2-3 day service is available from Materials Distribution Services to the following regional campuses; Ft. Wayne, Calumet, North Central and IUPUI. Use regular campus envelopes and deposit them in the "Campus" side of the building mailbox. The campus name should appear in the space marked "Department." Packages over 11 oz. will not be shipped through the courier service, but should be shipped by UPS or mailed by the United States Postal Service, under your department account.
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