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The Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering has systematically pursued patents in technology that may be of industrial utility and interest. Patents are in the areas of cellulose pretreatment and hydrolysis, recombinant yeast, protein biochip sensing techniques for pathogen detection, and bioseparations. Further information regarding these patents and other technologies for which disclosures have been filed may be obtained through Purdue's Office of Technology Commercialization. Inquiries on technology available for licensing should be directed to Ms.Pervin Taleyarkhan, 765-588-3582, prtaleyarkhan@prf.org.

If you are interested in viewing more information about each patent, we have included links to the patent website for each country in which we have filed a patent. The links are at the bottom of the page.

"Biomass Liquefaction Processes, and Uses of Same," (US 9,359,619) (June 7, 2016).

"Methods and Systems Useful for Drying Ethanol" (US 9,221,733) (December 29, 2015).
Co-Inventors: M. Ladisch, Y. Kim, N. Mosier, R. Hendrickson, A. Hilaly

"Methods for Increasing the Yield of Fermentable Sugars from Plant Stover" (US 8,921,648) (December 30, 2014).
Co-Inventors: W. Vermerris, M. R. Ladisch and N. Mosier

"Process for Preparing Enriched Glucan Biomass Materials" (US 8,790,904) (July 29, 2014).
Co-Inventors: N. Mosier, N. R. Ladisch, B. Stater, and B. Spindler

"Systems Engineering for Microscale Biodetection of Food borne Pathogens" (US 6,716,620 B2) (December 30, 2014).
Co-Inventors: R. Bashir, R. Gomez, P. Robinson, A. Bhunia, and M. R. Ladisch

"Cell Concentration and Pathogen Recovery" (US 7,547,526) (June 14, 2010).
Co-Inventors: M. R. Ladisch, X. Liu, A. C. Stewart, W. T. Chen, N. S. Mosier, T. Huang, J. Bwatwa, and R. Hendrickson

"Method for Derivatization of Cellulosic Stationary Phase" (US 5,808,010) (September 15, 1998)
Co-Inventors: M. Ladisch, K. Hamaker, R. Hendrickson, and M. Brewer

"Vapor Phase Dehydration of Aqueous Alcohol Mixtures" (US 4,345,973)
Co-Inventors: M. R. Ladisch and G. T. Tsao

"Acid Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Yield Glucose" (Australian Patent 521,560, UK Patent GB 2016,014B, Philippine Patent 15113, Canadian Patent 1,118,381)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, M. R. Ladisch and A. Bose

"Methods for Increasing the Yield of Fermentable Sugars from Plant Stover" (US 7,968,764) (December 30, 2014)
Co-Inventors: W. Vermerris, M. R. Ladisch, and N. S. Mosier

"Heat Recovery from a Biomass Heat Source" (US 7,566,383) (July 28, 2009)
Co-Inventors: R. Everett, J. Weiland, N. Mosier, M. Ladisch and G. Welch

"Processes for Treating Cellulosic Material" (US 5,846,787) (July, 1994)
Co-Inventors: M. R. Ladisch, K. Kohlmann, P. Westgate, J. Weil and Y. Yang

"Process for Treating Cellulosic Materials and Obtaining Glucose Therefrom" US 4,281,063, (UK Patent GB 2,017,707B, Canadian Patent 1,118,380)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, M. R. Ladisch, C. Ladisch and T. Hsu

"Nontoxic Cellulose Solvent and Process for Forming and Utilizing the Same" (US 4,265,675)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, B. E. Dale and M. R. Ladisch

"An Aqueous Bio-based Battery" (Biobattery) (US 7,410,709) (June 24, 2004)
Co-Inventors: Michael Ladisch, Nathan Mosier, Eric Perkins


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