Center for Student Excellence and Leadership (CSEL)

    An updated video on our CSEL facility under construction on the Purdue West Lafayette campus including comments from Vice President for Student Affairs Melissa Exum. CSEL will enable Purdue to meet the goal of graduating every student with at least one leadership experience.

  • PC
    Transformation at Purdue

    The complete conversation last winter between President Mitch Daniels, former Board Chair Keith Krach and Provost Tim Sands discussing the challenges and opportunities at Purdue continues to be available online.

  • Driven to Succeed
    Driven to Succeed

    A homegrown electrical vehicle project that started in the basement of Grant Chapman’s family home in Zionsville, Ind., could someday find its way onto racetracks around the world and ultimately into consumer showrooms.

  • Rethinking Teaching
    Rethinking Teaching

    How professors are using new tools and classroom strategies to deliver higher education.

  • Dick Dauch
    Remembering Dick Dauch

    Longtime Purdue benefactor and former football player Dick Dauch, 71, passed away Friday, Aug. 2. He and his wife, Sandy, made numerous contributions to Purdue for more than 30 years. The Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center bears testimony to the Dauchs’ enduring legacy.

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