On April 1 President Mitch Daniels named Amy Noah as interim vice president for development. A 1994 Purdue graduate, Noah has worked at the University for 12 years and brings experience and success to her new position. Since September 2011, she had served as associate vice president for advancement in the University Development Office. As associate vice president she oversaw development efforts in all schools and programs within the colleges of Engineering and Technology as well as Libraries and University Press, Discovery Park, WBAA, University Corporate and Foundation Relations, Planned Giving and Purdue’s West Coast development initiatives.

Amy Noah

Vice President for Development (Interim)


(Leadership Magazine): Amy, now that you’ve served as interim vice president of development since April, what have you learned?


(Amy Noah): My experiences have strengthened my love for Purdue and my faith in our donors, our administration and everyone on our development team.

Having worked in development for the past 12 years, including heading up our efforts in the College of Engineering, I came into this position with enormous respect for the people who support our students, faculty, programs and facilities. I know many of our donors on a personal level and they have become close friends.

It’s inspiring for me to be around people who believe so strongly in the impact Purdue had on their lives and who want to pass that opportunity forward to generations of Boilermakers today and tomorrow.

We exceeded our development goal for fiscal year 2013, and I believe that this year will be even more successful. It takes contributions from many people at all different levels of giving to take our fundraising efforts to the next level year after year. Boilermakers are very special people and I am proud to be among them.

Serving in this position has given me the incredible opportunity of working closely with President Daniels. He understands the importance of development not only for the future of Purdue but for our success today. President Daniels is “focused like a laser” as he says on keeping our University affordable to all students. He is taking immediate steps to accomplish this, going through the budget of all University operations to see where money can be saved. His focus is not just on impacting the future, but on helping students and their families today.

I am honored to serve as interim vice president of Purdue development and as such I get to march at the front of our parade in this effort. But the credit for continued success year in, year out goes to our team in addition to our donors and administration. We have the best university development team in the nation and I know this because I have worked closely among them for more than a decade. These people believe in Purdue, they believe in our missions, and they believe in the power of development efforts to change lives and improve our University. They work very hard for Purdue.

It’s an exciting time to be a Boilermaker!


What are your goals and priorities as we approach the beginning of President Daniels’ second year at Purdue?


President Daniels’ priorities and goals are predicated on strong fundraising. Without it Purdue cannot succeed in accomplishing further excellence in learning, discovery and engagement while keeping the cost of higher education affordable to students and their families.

This is a challenge. And it is also an opportunity. At this moment Purdue has an amazing chance to change the way we operate from a fundraising standpoint.

We have consistently raised more than $200 million annually for the past 12 years. Now is the time for us to begin planning how we will double that annual amount — ultimately growing our fundraising operation from $200 million to $400 million by 2023.

This growth will come in all forms — individual giving (increased participation at all levels), corporate and foundation giving and an increased focus on planned giving. Establishing annual goals and focusing on specific objectives will impact growth over a significant period of time.

We will also be proactive in identifying new opportunities to involve more stakeholders and allow for flexibility as new funding needs arise through the evolution of higher education.


Any final thoughts as we head into the fall season?


I’m looking forward to meeting many new faces in the President’s Council and spending time with those I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with throughout the years.