Research Capabilities

The Alliance will make Indiana a hotspot for life sciences and biosciences research. BioCrossroadsLINX released a January 2008 report suggesting that Indiana could capture significant external contracts with some of the nation's 1,100 bioscience companies, which are spending $14 billion annually. IIA will partner with BioCrossroads to build these external partnerships.

Making core research capabilities available to both academic and corporate researchers throughout the state will reduce the burdensome costs of equipment and people.

These capabilities will initially include:

  • Microscopic to whole-body advanced imaging for supporting advanced clinical research studies and disease-related research
  • Nanotechnology, device fabrication, and advanced analytics for designing and evalutating novel medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and instruments
  • Informatics for analyzing data across scientific disciplines such as genomics and proteomics
  • Model systems for preclinical and computational studies and procedures

Matched Funding

We will prioritize and allocate matching funds for large-scale, multidisciplinary research grants and initiatives.


Healthcare Innovations

The Indiana Innovation Alliance will help to expand education and healthcare innovation.