Matched Funding

Competition for federal and philanthropic dollars is fierce. By showing that Indiana is investing heavily in vital research ventures, the Alliance will bring more external funding into Indiana.

The Alliance will initially provide matching funds in areas where Indiana has advantages over other states to commercialize scientific solutions. These areas include:

  • Disease treatment and health promotion projects may address advanced diagnostics, drug development, healthcare delivery systems, and causes of disease and its prevention
  • Bioenergy and biomaterials projects may address bio-processing technologies, genetics to enhance energy conversion, and novel biomaterials for tissue engineering
  • Nutrition projects may address diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular and other diseases linked to diet and lifestyle

Initial funding for the IIA was included in the 2009–11 Indiana state budget in the amount of $10 million each year. The funding is broken down in the following way:

$5M Enhance core research capabilities.
$3M Expand the IU medical centers across the state.
$2M Boost Purdue postgraduate pharmacy and biomedical engineering programs and the Healthcare Technology Assistance Program for cost containment.

Research Capabilities

The Alliance will work to develop strong core research capabilities in emerging technology areas.


Healthcare Innovations

The Indiana Innovation Alliance will help to expand education and healthcare innovation.