About the Indiana Innovation Alliance

The Alliance will join together the efforts of academia, business, and government to strengthen Indiana’s assets in biosciences and life sciences. While our state is currently a national biosciences business leader, investment and employment in this industry are growing rapidly around the world. Boosting Indiana’s research sector is an economic and educational development priority that will keep Indiana competitive.

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Management of the Alliance

Indiana University and Purdue University are working together to establish the Indiana Innovation Alliance. We encourage biosciences and life sciences professionals in industry, academia, and government to partner with us. The Alliance will be governed by a committee of representatives from IU, Purdue, private sector bioscience and health sciences leadership, and state government. Core technology and matching fund programs will be cooperatively developed and managed by the universities with the support of the Alliance.

State Appropriations

Initial funding for the IIA was included in the 2009–11 Indiana state budget as follows:





*Visit the Matched Funding page to see the breakdown of the allocation.