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Indiana Campus Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Project

Comprehensive Programming

Social Ecological Model

Comprehensive programming for sexual assault prevention involves approaching the issue on different levels. Dahlberg and Krug’s (2002) social-ecological model helps explain the need for a comprehensive approach to violence prevention.


The social ecological model emphasizes the interactions among individual, relationship, community, and societal factors.

Social Ecological Model

Each of these factors is included in the six components of our comprehensive approach for Model Campuses.

Dahlber, L.L. & Krug, E.G. (2002). Violence - a global public health problem. In E.G. Krug, L.L. Dahlberg, J.A. Mercy, A.B. Zwi, & R. Lozano (Eds.), World Report On Violence and Health (pp. 1-21). Geneva: World Health Organization.