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Indiana Campus Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Project


The Indiana Campus Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Project (INCSAPPP) aids Indiana colleges and universities in the primary prevention of sexual violence through training and technical assistance, coalition building and mini-grants.

We advocate a comprehensive approach that involves 6 components: Coalition Building, Policy, Male Involvement, Data Collection, Bystander Intervention, and Social Marketing.

Contributions to the Field

INCSAPPP has been recognized by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center as an innovative program in sexual violence prevention. For more of our accomplishments, please click here.

In the News

Greek Chapters Taught to Step in to Stop Sexual Assaults
March 24, 2014

Third Parties Play Key Role in Sexual Assault Prevention
February 19, 2014

New Sexual Assault Policies to Affect College Campuses
January 29, 2014

Handprint Project Seeks to Reduce Bid Night Sexual Assaults
January 28, 2014

UMass Launches Campaign to Prevent Sexual Assaults
January 24, 2014

President Obama Releases "Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action"
January 22, 2014

Got Your Back Bystander Intervention Training
November 27, 2013

Date Safe Project: Tips for Parents (Video)
November 12, 2013

IFC trains students in bystander intervention
November 11, 2013

OU Opens Campus Conversation About Sexual Violence, Consent
October 27, 2013

Sexual Assault and College Students: A Tip Sheet
September 12, 2013

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