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Who We Are

Provost's Office

The Provost has committed a budget, new learning spaces, and support services from areas ranging from CIE, DLRC, Libraries, ITaP, and others.

Website: Office of the Provost

Purdue Extended Campus

Purdue University Extended Campus provides an extensive array of continuing education, professional development, and workforce training opportunities for busy adults. They are leading the implementation of the university's online learning initiatives, providing leadership for Purdue to grow its distance learning offerings at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Distance education at Purdue University is defined as a structured learning process by which a student is physically removed from the instructor and instructional setting associated with the campus, but has the opportunity to interact with the instructor or also with other students in instructional activities.

Website: Distance Learning

Center for Instructional Excellence

The Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) promotes instructional excellence at Purdue University by serving as a catalyst to advocate, develop, and implement continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

Website: Center for Instructional Excellence

Discovery Learning Research Center

The Discovery Learning Research Center (DLRC) is one of 10 interdisciplinary research centers in Purdue University's Discovery Park. The mission of the DLRC is to advance research that revolutionizes learning in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines. Through externally funded research projects, innovative programs, and collaborative partnerships, the DLRC is committed to redesigning educational practices and creating innovative learning environments that have immediate impacts and nurture lifelong learning for students and citizens of a global community.

Website: Discovery Learning Research Center


Faculty in the Libraries will work with you to develop strategies for teaching your students how to critically engage with information to learn about course content. Specifically they will help you to develop assignments and lessons that enable students to locate, evaluate, and ethically use information in ways that are integral to the overall learning outcomes for the course.

Website: Partnering with Faculty in the Libraries

ITaP - Teaching & Learning

ITaP - Teaching & Learning supports, empowers and advances the innovative and evolving use of technology to facilitate learning. To sustain this mission, ITaP - Teaching & Learning offers instructional technology services, training, and support that will help faculty deliver effective technology enhanced learning experiences.

Website: Teaching & Learning

Steering Committee

Formed by Dr. Dale Whittake in late 2010, the Steering Committe brought together a team of teaching and learning leaders from across the campus. Combined their experience brings different perspectives of building and assessing course redesign.

Assessment Committee

Formed by Dale Whittaker, John Campbell and Gabriela Weaver in late 2010, the Assessment Committee brought together a team of assessment leaders from across the campus. Combined their experience brings different perspectives of building and assessing course redesign

Support Committee

The Support Committee coordinates information collection on faculty activities as well as monitors faculty fellows progress. They collaborate on the implementation of best fit solutions by the support team members in various areas such as CIE, TLI, and the Libraries. In addition, the Support Committee creates and modifies FLC sessions and works one-on-one with faculty fellows during the redesign process.