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How does this help me?

Because IMPACT seeks to improve courses by making them more “student-centered”, you should find that IMPACT courses are more active than traditionally taught classes. Research has shown that more active courses help students retain learning better.

Why are courses being redesigned?

Although students and the way they learn has changed tremendously with the advent of new technology, the way courses are taught in higher education is still basically the same as it was 500 years ago. These redesigns incorporate new knowledge about pedagogy and new instructional technology.

What is a typical course redesign like?

Traditionally, much of the instruction given in large enrollment courses is lecture-based and takes place in large lecture halls. IMPACT seeks to make courses student-centric, replacing the large lecture with group work and active learning. Technology often plays an important part in these new courses.

Are classes harder? Does this change the amount of work I have to do?

You may find you are working harder; however, the largest part of the work you are doing may take place during the class. You may actually find your out of class time decreases.

Does this affect my credit hours or requirements?

No, it does not.

Do I have to sign up in some way to participate?