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How does it benefit my student?

If your student takes a class redesigned through IMPACT, s/he will benefit from a ďstudent-centeredĒ course that is more active than traditionally taught classes. Research has shown that more active courses help students retain learning better.

Will it raise their grade?

Not necessarily, but it will increase their knowledge retention and improve their study skills, which will provide benefits through the rest of their college career. In addition, many courses involve extensive group work, which will give them teamwork experience that will improve their job skills.

What classes are being redesigned?

There are 30 classes redesigned every academic year. You can find more information under the faculty tab.

What is a typical course redesign like?

Traditionally, much of the instruction given in large enrollment courses is lecture-based and takes place in large lecture halls. IMPACT seeks to make courses student-centric, replacing the large lecture with group work and active learning. Technology often plays an important part in these new courses.

Wonít my student learn more being taught by the professor than by working in groups?

Students still learn material in the course from their professor, just not necessarily in the same format. They may view their professorís online lectures in addition to short in-class lectures. Students working together to solve problems is one of the most effective ways for todayís social students to learn.

Why are these classes being redesigned?

Although students and the way they learn has changed tremendously with the advent of new technology, the way courses are taught in higher education is still basically the same as it was 500 years ago. These redesigns incorporate new knowledge about pedagogy and new instructional technology.

What about my studentís other courses? If they havenít been redesigned, are they not as good?

One of the benefits of students attending a redesigned course is that it improves their learning skills for all of their courses.

Does my money go into this initiative?

No, you are not paying extra for your students to take a redesigned course.

I have more questions; is there someone I can talk to?

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