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Chemistry professor turns to Passport to teach students basic lab skills

Sep.25, 2014
Chemistry Professor and IMPACT Fellow Macy Towns will hold an open forum on teaching with technology – including her new Passport digital badge program -- on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2-3 pm in Lawson B151.


Summer 2012 Cohort Selected

June 2012
IMPACT selects the following Purdue faculty to participate in the Summer 2012 Cohort:

BIOL 230

Biology of the Living Cell

Edward L. Bartlett

ECON 210

Principles of Economics

Kelly H. Blanchard

MGMT 301

Management Career Lecture

Maureen Huffer Landis

MGMT 382

Management & Information System

Roy M. Dejoie

PHYS 218

General Physics

Brian Todd

TECH 120

Technology and the Individual

Patrick E. Connolly, Dawn Laux, Nathan Mentzer, Daphene Koch

Fall 2012 Cohort Selected

June 2012
IMPACT selects the following Purdue faculty to participate in the Fall 2012 Cohort:

Course Number

Course Title

Faculty Fellow(s)

AAE 251

Introduction Aerospace Design

Karen Marais

AAE 352

Structural Analysis I

Vikas Tomar

CLPH 872

Pathophysiology and Therapeutics II

Yaman Kaakeh

CS 240

Programming In C

Jan Vitek, Suresh Jagannathan, Brandon Hill

ECE 264

Advanced C Programming

Yung-Hsiang Lu

FS 362

Food Microbiology

Haley F. Oliver

IT 230

Industrial Supply Chain Management

Regena L. Scott

SOC 100

Introduction to Sociology

Steven Hillis

THTR 201

Theatre Appreciation

Anne L. Fliotsos, Joel Ebarb

MGMT 361

Operations Management

Julia Kalish

Valuable video links added for view: Eric Mazur and Kahn Academy

In his video, Physics Professor Eric Mazur gives a General Interest Lecture on his own experience in dealing with teaching all the wrong ways.

Listen to Eric Mazur's Seminar >>

Kahn Academy is an enormous archive of over 3200 educational videos for both students and professors alike. Students can view content from basic Algebra to high-level Physics. Professors can take a look at the teacher resources to view different ways of teaching and build their own skillset.

Visit Kahn Academy Site >>

Impact Project Director Hosi Karzai Speaks at University of Alabama

May 2012

Hosi Karzai, Project Director of IMPACT, presented her paper at NSEUS, the National Study of Education in Undergraduate Science Conference, held at the University of Alabama. Her talk was based on what IMPACT entails, where it currently stands at an institutional level and the program’s long-term vision.

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How Purdue Aims To Boost One Of The Big Ten’s Lowest Graduation Rates

November 28, 2011
Purdue’s newest lecture hall isn’t really a “lecture” hall at all. Instead of rows of auditorium seating, moveable circular tables and chairs fill the cavernous room in an underground library — a space West Lafayette administrators hope will get more students engaged and on-track.

New Course Model Encourages Classroom Interaction

Sep. 15, 2011
In hopes of increasing first- and second-year retention rates, the University has started a new program to better initiate student engagement. IMPACT, Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation, is a program that works to redesign key foundational courses to create more interaction between the instructors and the students.

New Instruction Classroom: HIKS B848

New B848 Seating Area Projector

The Hick's Undergraduate Library room B848 has been remodeled to accommodate faculty and student needs in a more technologically savvy atmosphere. The recently renovated learning space has been designed with active learning in mind. Rather than students sitting in rows of desks, listening to a traditional lecture, the students participate in group activities at one of 13 round tables interspersed throughout the classroom. Students have the opportunity to share their group work with the rest of the class by using "huddle boards" (dry erase boards which can be displayed on a wall mounted rail system and on mobile carts) or by displaying their work on one of two interactive whiteboards. The design of the room is based on the SCALE-UP approach to instruction. Research has shown that this particular instructional format increases conceptual understanding and decreases failure rates.

IMPACT Redesigning Large Classes in Bunches; Next Cohort to Form

Aug. 31, 2011
Like many other instructors faced with teaching introductory courses, psychology professor George Hollich and math lecturer Tim Delworth have taught their classes the same way for years, lecturing to students who sit passively in large classrooms. That's about to change. The instructors are part of IMPACT (Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation), a program about course redesign, that aims to change the way key foundation, large enrollment classes are taught.

Purdue Helping Students Succeed in Foundational Classes

Jan. 27, 2011
A new Purdue program aims to help more students succeed by redesigning some of the university's large, traditional courses into more student-centered learning environments.