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Graduate Teacher Certificate (GTC)


How do I enroll/apply for the GTC?

There is no formal enrollment for the GTC. You simply download the GTC Teaching Report and begin to document your progress. Graduate teaching assistants are encouraged to start the GTC as soon as they begin their teaching appointments on campus. If you want to participate in the awards reception offered by CIE every spring semester, the GTC Teaching Report (plus any supporting documentation) must be turned in by April 1st.

What are the requirements?

All the requirements are on page 1 of the GTC Teaching Report. You can start documenting the progress on your own and contact CIE whenever your GTC Teaching Report is complete to schedule an appointment (no partial reports will be reviewed).

What supporting documentation should I submit with my report?

In addition to completing each of the sections of the GTC Teaching Report (with the required signatures); you need to attach three one-page essays and copies of the "early feedback" and end of semester feedback reports (CoursEval) for each of the classes listed in "Teaching Report 1".

Teaching Report 6 talks about "Early Feedback (EF)", what does this mean?

Information about how to conduct early feedback in your class can be found here.

How do I get the required signatures?

CIE staff will verify (sign) "Teaching Report 2" (as long as you took CIE's orientation), "Teaching Report 3", and "Teaching Report 4" (as long as you took CIE's workshops); as well as all the reflection and essay reviews when you turn the completed GTC Teaching Report.

The signatures for "Teaching Report 1" and "Teaching Report 5" have to be from faculty members in your department.

Can I get this certificate if I am not currently teaching?

Since this is a teaching certificate, you must be an instructor (not a grader or an R.A.). In addition, you must be formally evaluated by Purdue (CoursEval). CIE offers the "Graduate Teaching Certificate - Alternative" for graduate students without teaching opportunities.

Are the certificates awarded every semester?

The certificates are awarded once per academic year (during the spring semester), but you are welcomed to turn in your GTC Teaching Report whenever you have completed all the requirements.

What if I have more questions?

E-mail us if you have additional questions about the GTC.

For more information, please check out the following document(s):

Graduate Teacher Certificate Brochure (GTC) Graduate Teacher Certificate Brochure (GTC)
GTC Teaching Report GTC Teaching Report
Standardized Procedures for Administering Instructor and course Evaluations at Purdue Standardized Procedures for Administering Instructor and course Evaluations at Purdue