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Spring 2014 Cohort

Course Number

Course Title

Faculty Fellow(s)

AAE 204

Aeromechanics II

Wenbin Yu

AAE 333

Fluid Mechanics

Alina Alexeenko

AGEC 327

Principles of Food and Agribusiness marketing

Elizabeth A. Yeager

AGEC 352 & 411

Quantative Methods for Firm Decison Makings & Farm Management

Craig L. Dobbins

ANTH 201
Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory

Ian C. Lindsay

CE/EEE 350 Environmental Engineering

Blatchley III, E.R.

EAPS 104 Oceans

Greg Michalski

EAPS 111 Physical Geology

Saad S. B. Haq

ECON 210 Principles of Economics

Ben Van Kammen

EDPS 265 The inclusive classroom

Jasmine Begeske

HDFS 210 Introduction to Human Development

Elliot Friedman
Zoe Taylor

HDFS 280 Diversity in individual and family life

Natasha D Watkins

HTM 212

Intro to Management and Organizational Behavior in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Jonathan G. Day

NUR 314 & 316

Health Alterations in Adults I
/Integration Seminar I (Coordinator)

Becky S Walter

PHIL 260 Philosophy and Law

Christopher L. Yeomans

POL 300 Intro to Political Analysis

Eric N. Waltenburg

POL 411 Congress Structure and Function

Robert X Browning

PSY 342 Intro to Psychology Personality

Susan Carol South

STAT 503 Statistical methods for Biology

Tiantian Qin

GRAD 590 Preparing Future Faculty

Cyndi Lynch

BIOL 110/111 Fundamentals of Biology

David Bos

ENTM 206 General Entomology

Christian Oseto

MET 245

Manufacturing Systems

Jose Garcia

AT 581

Aviation Fuels

Gozdem Kilaz

BCM 475

Construction Costs

Joe Orczyki

IT 227

Biotechnology Lab II

Kari Clase

CGT 241

Introductionto Computer Animation

Raymond Hassan


New Course

Suranjan Panigrahi

CGT 470 Interactive Infographics Design and Development Yingjie Victor Chen