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Fall 2013 Cohort

Course Number

Course Title

Faculty Fellow(s)


Academic & Career Planning

Sue Aufderheide/Sheila Hurt


Biotechnology Lab I

Kari Clase


Introduction to Women's Studies

Cheryl Cooky


Interviewing: Principles and Practice

Jeralyn Faris

BIOL328 Principles of Physiology

Stephanie Gardner

HIST104 Intro to Modern World

William Gray

ECET177 Data Acquisition and Systems Control

Robert Herrick

CE350 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Inez Hua

TECH320 Technology and the Organization

Daniel Lybrook

CNIT280 Systems Analysis & Design Methods

Alejandra Magana

COM217 Science Writing and Presentation

Melanie Morgan

AGR201 Multicultural Awareness

Pamala Morris

ENTM105 Insects Friend and Foe

Jonathan Neal

SPAN101 Spanish Level I

Colleen Neary-Sundquist

CNIT155 Introduction to Software Development Concepts

Guity Ravai

ANSC102 Introduction to Animal Agriculture

Mark Russell

AAE352 Structural Analysis I

Michael Sangid

STAT350 Introduction to Statistics

Sarah Sellke

SPAN401 Spanish Level VII

Cecilia Tenorio

CE340/343 Hydraulics

Cary Troy

CE398 Intro to CE Systems Design

Satish Ukkusuri

CE331 Engineering Materials II

W. Jason Weiss

MA161 Plane Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

Ben Wiles

CE231 Engineering Materials I

Pablo Zavattieri