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Spring 2013 Cohort

Course Number

Course Title

Faculty Fellow(s)

ECE 369

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Engineering

Saurabh Bagchi

STAT 301

Elementary Statistical Methods

Laura Cayon

AGEC 217


Lawrence P Deboer Jr


Industrial Organization

Edie K. Schmidt

MGMT175 Information Strategies

Mary Dugan

BCM 10001 Introduction To Construction

Daphene C Koch

POL235 International Relations Among Rich And Poor Nations

Dwayne Woods

NUR222 Population Health

Elizabeth A. Richards

MGMT200 Introductory Accounting

Rebecca P. Trax

CGT256 Human Computer Interface Theory And Design

Mihaela Vorvoreanu

CGT215 Computer Graphics Programming I

David Matthew Whittinghill

ECET120 Gateway To Electrical Engineering Technology

Grant Richards

HONR199 First Year Honors Seminar

Emily Allen

EDPS235 Learning And Motivation

Michael Yough