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Fall 2012 Cohort

Course Number

Course Title

Faculty Fellow(s)

AAE 251

Introduction Aerospace Design

Karen Marais

AAE 352

Structural Analysis I

Vikas Tomar

CLPH 872

Pathophysiology and Therapeutics II

Yaman Kaakeh

CS 240

Programming In C

Jan Vitek, Suresh Jagannathan, Brandon Hill

ECE 264

Advanced C Programming

Yung-Hsiang Lu

FN 303

Basic principles of nutrition and their application in meeting nutritional needs during the life cycle

John (Jay) R. Burgess

FS 362

Food Microbiology

Haley F. Oliver

IT 230

Industrial Supply Chain Management

Regena L. Scott

SOC 100

Introduction to Sociology

Steven Hillis

THTR 201

Theatre Appreciation

Anne L. Fliotsos, Joel Ebarb

MGMT 361

Operations Management

Julia Kalish