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Spring 2012 Cohort

Course Number

Course Title

Faculty Fellow(s)

BME 390

Professional Development and Design in Biomedical Engineering

Ann E. Rundell

BTNY 301

Introductory Plant Pathology

Sue Loesch-Fries, Ray Martyn, Charles Woloshuk

CE 355

Engineering Environmental Sustainability

Larry Nies

CGT 163

Graphical Communication and Spatial Visualization

Craig Miller

CS 159

Programming Applications for Engineers

Bill Crum

CS 235

Introduction to Organizational Computing

Gary McFall

ECE 201

Linear Circuit Analysis I

Dimitros Peroulis

ECE 270

Introduction to Digital System Design

Cordelia Brown, Dave Meyer

ECE 362

Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

Dave Meyer

EDCI 270

Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing

Tim Newby

GS 290

Study Skills Seminar

Brenda K. Downing

HIST 104

Introduction to the Modern World

Deborah Fleetham

ME 270

Basic Mechanics I

Eric Nauman

MET 213


Mark French

NUR 108

Introduction to Nursing

Vicki Simpson

NUR 223

Foundations of Research and EBP

Karen Chang, Janet Thorlton


VP for Research

Richard Buckius



Patti Darbishire

PHRM 820

Professional Program Laboratories

Sheri Slaven

PHYS 172

Modern Mechanics

Andrew Hirsch, Rebecca Lindell

POL 413

The Human Basis of Politics

Rosalee A Clawson

SOC 100

Introductory Sociology

Mary Burbrink

STAT 113

Statistics and Society

Ellen Gundlach