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Faculty Profiles

Here you will find quick summaries of the faculty who are participating in our program.

  • Spring 2013 Cohort


    Saurabh Bagchi
    ECON 210

    ECE 369 Saurabh Bagci is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science (by courtesy) at Purdue University. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM, an IMPACT Faulty Fellow at Purdue (2013-14), and an Assistant Director of the CERIAS security center at Purdue. He is the cybersecurity officer at the NSF NEEScomm Center at Purdue, which provides computational tools and data processing tools for NSF-funded earthquake researchers. Their work on fault tolerance in distributed systems has been rewarded with recognition of best papers or runner-up awards at several conferences (Supercomputing 2009, SecureComm 2008, etc.) and through the Seed for Success award at Purdue University twice (for NEEScomm and the Missile Defense Agency ballistic missile defense project).

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    Mary Dugan

    Mary Dugan is an Assistant Professor of Library Science and a Resource Development Librarian. Her subjects of interest include: Homeland Security, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource, Organizational Leadership & Supervision, Agricultural Economics, Career, Career and Managerial Communications.

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    Laura Cayon
    STAT 301

    Laura Cayon is a Continuing Lecturer in the Department of Statistics.

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    Lawrence P Deboer Jr
    AGEC 217

    Larry DeBoer is a professor and extension specialist in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University.  DeBoer joined the Purdue faculty in 1984.  He studies state and local government public policy, including such topics as government budget and taxing options, issues of property tax assessment, local government revenue options, and the fiscal impact of economic development. He has worked with the Indiana Legislative Services Agency on tax and finance issues since 1988.  He contributes to the annual state revenue forecasts. He helps maintain a model of the property tax used by the Indiana state legislature to analyze the impacts of assessment and tax policy changes.

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    Edie K. Schmidt

    Dr. Edie Schmidt is an Associate Professor in Industrial Technology. Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of inventory management, distribution, logistics, and supply chain management.  She has developed and taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses and has supervised graduate student projects, in these areas at the master’s level. Dr. Schmidt has worked with many Indiana companies to develop a Logistics training course, revise warehouse layouts, revise facility layouts, and other projects in the Logistics area.

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    Dr. Daphene Koch
    TECH 120

    Dr. Daphene Koch of Building Construction Management will also be working with Dr. Connolly, Professor Laux, and Professor Mentzer in TECH 120’s course redesign. Dr. Koch was the first woman tenure-track professor in the department, is a current tenure and assistant professor, and has over 10 years of experience in the mechanical and industrial construction industry.

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    Dwayne Woods

    Dwayne Woods is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science. His research interests focus on different regions, however with a particular emphasis on Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently he is working on the rhetoric of identity populist movements like the Northern League in Italy and the Swiss People's Party and its relationship to international migration and globalization.  In addition, his research explores on the effect of political regimes on distributive and redistributive outcomes regarding social policies such as education and health in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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    Elizabeth A. Richards

    Dr. Libby Richards is a Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Nursing. She is a registered nurse with a background in community health nursing. She received her BSN at University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana and her MSN in Community Health Nursing at Indiana University. Her PhD is in Health Promotion from Purdue University Department of Health and Kinesiology.

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    Rebecca P. Trax

    Rebecca P. Trax is a Continuous Term Lecturer in Krannert School of Management.

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    Mihaela Vorvoreanu

    Mihaela Vorvoreanu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation, Computer Graphics Technology and Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Her research interests include: socio-cultural impacts of new communication technologies: social media, Web 2.0; social media culture, principles, social norms; the use of social media in education; the use of social media in the enterprise; the use of social media for public relations; online identity management; and Web user experience.

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    Emily Allen

    Emily Allen is an Associate Professor of English, with specialization in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, gender studies, and cultural studies. She is a member of Purdue's programs in Theory & Culture Studies, Women's Studies, and Comparative Literature. Her first book, Theater Figures: The Production of the Nineteenth-Century British Novel, was published by The Ohio State University Press in 2003. Her articles have appeared or are forthcoming in such journals as Eighteenth-Century Studies, Studies in Romanticism, Victorian Studies, Victorian Literature and Culture, and Modern Fiction Studies. Professor Allen teaches undergraduate courses on nineteenth-century literature, the British novel, gender and literature, decadence, and the gothic. She has taught graduate seminars on the rise of the novel, the nineteenth-century novel, Victorian actresses, late-Victorian and Edwardian fiction, fin-de-siècle culture, and the sensation novel. She is currently working on two book projects: "Royal Wedding: Class, Crowds, and Nation in Victorian Britain," and "Byron and the Constitution of the British Novel," the latter co-authored with Dino Felluga.

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    David Matthew Whittinghill


    Dr. David Whittinghill is an Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics Technology and Computer and Information Technology. Dr. Whittinghill’s research focuses on simulation, systems, gaming and computer programming; he studies the common processes, valences, and parameters that drive both simulations and games as well as how best to teach the programming skills that make these analyses possible. Prior to joining Purdue he gained extensive experience in the research industry in the fields of visualization, agent-based modeling, digital anti-tampering, robotics, pharmaceuticals, and web development. His expertise is in computer programming.

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    Grant Richards


    Grant Richards is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.

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    Michael Yough


    Michael Yough is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology. His research interests include self-efficacy for language learning as well as teacher’s sense of efficacy and the teacher characteristics that promote positive outcomes for language learners.

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