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IMPACT Spring 2015 application.

IMPACT staff members are available to assist you in the preparation of your proposal. Please contact Chantal Levesque-Bristol to arrange a consultation. t Head Survey

IMPACT seeks to change the learning culture on the West Lafayette campus to become more student-centered. At the end of the spring 2013 semester, a total of 62 courses will have been redesigned. IMPACT invites full time faculty, clinical faculty, and continuing lecturers to propose an undergraduate course to be included in the spring 2013 cohort. Proposals must have the approval of the Department Head. For courses taught by multiple faculty members, at least two of these instructors must submit the proposal.

Principles of IMPACT

IMPACT provides a research-based course redesign framework, contributing to the attainment of Purdue’s strategic plan goals, in particular increasing student success as well as competence and confidence. The course redesign framework focuses on student-centered learning with an emphasis on strategic active learning and increased engagement, and the use of instructional technologies that increase opportunities for active learning.

Benefits to faculty for participating in IMPACT

  • $10,000 per course to fund course redesign and development (funding may be used to support such activities as professional development, course redesign, summer salaries, etc.).
  • Time and opportunity to carefully consider the delivery and content of their course, learn about new teaching pedagogies that encourage active learning, and reflect upon the structure of their course.
  • Participation in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) as an IMPACT Faculty Fellow, providing and receiving support from the other cohort Faculty Fellows during the design, development, and delivery of the redesigned course.
  • Individual consultation and development resources from the Center of Instructional Excellence (CIE), Informational Technology at Purdue (ITaP), Discovery Learning Resource Center (DLRC), Purdue University Libraries, and Extended Campus.
  • The potential for research and publication in their discipline area or as contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Potential for enrichment of faculty dossiers with pedagogical innovations.
  • Priority access to Purdue’s innovative spaces for course delivery.

Milestone Funding

IMPACT funds will be disbursed in accordance with completion of the following course redesign milestones.


Eligible Courses

While all undergraduate classes are open to the program, priority will be given to courses that are: foundational (freshman/sophomore level), have large enrollments, and serve Purdue students from multiple majors and disciplines.  While past IMPACT Faculty Fellows may reapply to redesign another course, priority will be given to first time applicants.
Examples of course redesigns that may be proposed in the IMPACT program include:

  1. Traditional/Face-to-Face Enhanced: a traditional face-to-face course, enhanced with both innovative pedagogy and/or use of several instructional technology solutions.
  2. Blended or hybrid:  instruction is conducted partly online and partly face-to-face, with a key distinguishing factor of using the reduced seat time to emphasize active learning.
  3. Online: offered totally online and primarily asynchronous.

You might want to consider a substantially different model of instruction from what is now used, potentially built around one of National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT’s) proven Course Redesign models and high impact teaching practices

Faculty Fellow(s) Responsibilities

As described in the IMPACT 2013 Call for Proposals, Faculty Fellow(s) agree to:

  • Attend and participate in required Faculty Learning Community (FLC) sessions and all activities associated with FLC meetings, which are facilitated by other faculty and IMPACT Support Staff for the cohort semester.
  • Develop and follow a course redesign plan and assessment strategy in consultation with IMPACT Support Staff.
  • Work with the IMPACT Support Staff to refine learning outcomes and align course assessments with learning outcomes for your course redesign project.
  • Meet regularly with your IMPACT Support Staff to work through the course redesign plan and develop content for the course.
  • Participate in IMPACT program assessment activities, which will include surveys and/or interviews with Faculty Fellows, as well as surveys and/or observations of the course and students.
  • Deliver the redesigned course within one calendar year of acceptance into the program.

Faculty Fellow(s) are also encouraged to:

  • Attend and participate in other IMPACT events such as presentations by invited guest speakers
  • Present a brown bag seminar in the home department, college, and or campus about the course redesign as part of the IMPACT project.
  • More broadly, become leaders of continued improvement with respect to teaching on the Purdue campus. This includes providing feedback to the IMPACT Steering Committee about your experience, serving as a mentor to future IMPACT Fellows, and sharing insights with colleagues.

Because sustainability of the redesigned course is critical to the success of IMPACT, whenever possible, the fellows will continue to teach the redesigned course for an additional 3 semesters.

Department Support

Department support is critical to the success of the IMPACT program.

  • While IMPACT is based on research in teaching and learning, it also involves experimentation and innovation. It is likely to require more than one iteration of delivery for a redesigned course before it will be possible to see the full effect of the transformation on student learning. It is best to provide the opportunity for the redesigned course to be taught at least 3 additional semesters.
  • Because course redesign will challenge student expectations of the learning process, students’ initial feedback may reflect their discomfort or unfamiliarity with a new and challenging learning environment. The fellow and the department are strongly encouraged to discuss results of the course, including student evaluation results, with IMPACT team members to fully interpret them.
  • To ensure that the redesigned course achieves the maximum positive results for the university, the IMPACT faculty fellow(s) is provided the opportunity to teach the redesigned course for at least 3 additional semesters, while allowing for normal departmental scheduling practices.