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June 2014 Vol.1, Number 5


Write a review of your doctor in Castlight

Castlight now gives you the ability to rate your doctor and write a review so that you can help other Castlight users find good care. 


Center for Healthy Living: Always open – online!

Our doors are open and our phones are staffed during our Monday-Friday business hours, but that’s just the beginning. Here are ways to connect to the Center for Healthy Living online and around-the-clock.


Health question at midnight?

Health concerns can happen when you least expect them. You might be on vacation or even on a business trip. Or maybe it’s 3 a.m. and your child has a fever. Now there’s somewhere you can turn for help any time of the day or night – and it’s at no cost to you if you’re covered on a Purdue medical plan.

Janis Gosewehr

My Story

Have you ever experienced something so helpful that you just had to share the news? That’s exactly how Janis Gosewehr feels about the Center for Healthy Living weight management program.

Ready to quit?

Ready to quit?

Is it time to break your tobacco habit? Are you ready to say so long to the tobacco-user additional premium that’s coming out of your paycheck?

Get your baby on board within 31 days BENEFITS You have the crib, diapers and blankets under control, but don’t stop now. Be sure to add your newest family member to your Purdue benefits within 31 days of the baby’s date of birth.
Move forward with new training series BENEFITS Quick quiz, one question: If you died tomorrow, would your life insurance and retirement funds go to the right people?
Resources for your retirementcountdown BENEFITS If you’re counting the days until retirement, new resources are available to help you along the way.
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