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Get your baby on board
within 31 days


Get your baby on board
within 31 days

You have the crib, diapers and blankets under control, but don’t stop now. Be sure to add your newest family member to your Purdue benefits within 31 days of the baby’s date of birth.

This important step ensures that your child’s birth expenses and other benefit needs are covered retroactively to the time of your baby’s arrival.

Miss your 31-day window of opportunity and you’ll have to wait until the next benefits open enrollment to add your child. That means coverage won’t begin until Jan. 1 of the year following your child’s birth.

To add the baby to your benefits, go the Purdue Employee Portal and click the EBenefits link in the right column of the Human Resources section. Sign on with your Purdue career account username and password.

Select the "My Life Event Changes" tab near the top of the screen or "Register a Life Event" from the right-hand column. Choose “2014 Birth or Adoption” from the life event list, enter the baby’s birthdate and submit.

Once you submit your life event, you’ll need to follow the two-step process that shows up on the right side of the screen. One of those steps will be to upload a document that verifies that the baby is your dependent. If you don't have the birth certificate in time, you can use the certification from the hospital. In any case, be sure to add your baby in EBenefits within 31 days of the baby's birth.

Other change in family status life events

The 31-day window and the steps listed above apply to all change in family status life events, including adoptions, marriages, divorces and more.

The Benefits website includes a full list of life event changes that allow you to adjust your Purdue benefits mid-year, plus detailed information related to each life event.

So add your new child to your benefits within 31 days, and then sleep like a baby, knowing your family is covered.

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