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February 2014 Vol.1, Number 3
Top 6 things you need to know about benefits open erollment

Not much money in your HSA yet? What can you do?

Is 2014 your first year to have a health savings account (HSA)? If so, you’re in good company. Thousands of Purdue faculty and staff selected a medical plan with an HSA for the first time this year.


Let’s manage high blood pressure

If you don’t effectively control your high blood pressure, it can lead to serious complications. According to the Mayo Clinic website, high blood pressure puts you at risk for stroke, dementia, kidney problems and more.


Business learning at your fingertips available through online resource

Interested in easy access to relevant resources on business topics? You’re in luck: Purdue University Libraries and Human Resources Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) have acquired a subscription to Business Book Summaries – a collection of concise, comprehensive summaries of various business books.

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Bravo starts strong

Yikes! Hurts too bad to wear a shirt!

Shingles is a blistering skin rash that can cause severe pain, even long after the rash is gone. You may have heard the sad story of agonizing discomfort from your family and friends or from celebrities on TV.

Don't get fooled by these urban legends

Castlight helps you show health care costs who’s boss

Does your new high-deductible medical plan have you looking for the best value in health care? Then make Castlight your new best friend.

retirement plan contribution maximums

Have an important question for Anthem?

Are you facing a complicated health care situation? Want more information about your 2014 Purdue medical coverage and the cost of care? Maybe you have a question about one of your medical claims.

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