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Castlight helps you show health care costs who’s boss

Does your new high-deductible medical plan have you looking for the best value in health care? Then make Castlight your new best friend. A quick check of Castlight shows a wide range of costs for common health care services in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area, depending on the provider you choose.

  • CT scan of the abdomen (with and without contrast dye) ranges from $354 to $1,263
  • Follow-up visit with a dermatologist ranges from $65 to $100
  • For treatment of an earache, you’ll find the lowest prices at the Center for Healthy Living, where you’ll be charged $10 or $45, depending on your medical plan. Elsewhere in town, you’ll pay up to $229.

With Castlight, you can search for providers and compare quality and cost before you decide where to go for care.

Castlight also provides a direct link to your personal account on the Express Scripts website, and you won’t need to enter another user name and password to access your Express Scripts information. You’ll be able to price medications, sign up for mail order delivery and more. Just click "View your Express Scripts pharmacy benefits today!" under the welcome to Castlight greeting near the top of the page.

Visit to learn more about Castlight, register for an account or log in to your existing account. From this page, you can also download Castlight’s mobile app, so you’ll have the service readily available wherever you go, even at your doctor's office. Castlight offers its services by phone, too. Call toll-free at 888-272-9572.

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