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Don’t get fooled by these urban legends

Looking to advance your Purdue career? Don’t get fooled by these urban legends

We've all heard that a résumé shouldn't be longer than a single page. And that "it never hurts to apply," even for jobs that are a long shot. It seems as if everyone has at least a small nugget of wisdom to pass along.

Several urban legends out there have to do with Purdue’s hiring process. For valuable information about what’s actually true and what is a myth, check out the urban legends below.

“I heard you must have the right keywords on your résumé to get identified by the system.”
Keywords are a thing of the past and are not used with Purdue’s applicant tracking system to evaluate résumé submissions.

“Does anyone really read my résumé?”
Purdue’s Talent Acquisition staff members consider every résumé they receive – approximately 117,000 every year. They evaluate submissions based upon the position you’ve indicated an interest in.

“You should apply for as many jobs as possible.”
It's true you shouldn't pass up an opportunity to gain additional job growth at Purdue. But applying for openings you have little interest in or that have requirements you clearly cannot meet is a waste of your time. Focus on positions that spark your interest and match your qualifications. Then, customize your application materials to show why you deserve to be considered.

“It’s OK to embellish your résumé – no one really checks.”
Nothing could be further from the truth! It is never OK to misrepresent yourself, personally or professionally. It’s likely the Talent Acquisition team will check and will find out. The consequences of misrepresenting yourself far exceed the benefits of what you’re trying to accomplish.

“A cover letter is just a throwaway addition to a résumé.”
In almost all circumstances, a cover letter should accompany your résumé. This document can be used to your advantage if your letter is well written and specific to the position. Cover letters can serve several purposes, such as highlighting items that are particularly relevant or impressive in your résumé and explaining your interest in the specific job.

“Getting hired is all about who you know.”
Networking is a great way to improve your chances of finding and being considered for career opportunities. However, it is not the way you get the job. You still have to be the best candidate for the opportunity. Networking is only one part of a successful career search.

“Keep your résumé to just one page.”
A good recruiter will not disregard your résumé simply because it’s more than one page. What’s most important is to keep the reader’s attention and share precise, relevant and succinct information. Exceeding one page is not a deal-breaker.

For more information about résumés or Purdue’s hiring process, contact Brenda Coulson at 765-494-0603 or

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