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Preventive care could be your best friend

Preventive care could be your best friend

And Purdue wants to encourage that friendship

Preventive care can find a health problem early, when it’s easiest to treat. This can save money for sure, but more important, it can save you from undergoing challenging health treatments later, when your condition is more advanced. Preventive care can even save your life.

Ready to take advantage of this high-value benefit? Put away your debit card – your Purdue medical plan covers preventive care at 100 percent when you use in-network providers.

  • Annual routine physical with an in-network provider
  • Recommended in-network preventive screenings based on your age
  • Preventive lab work at Tier 1 and Tier 2 labs
  • Preventive generic prescription drugs

See your health care provider to discuss the preventive care that’s right for you and your family.

Preventive care versus diagnostic care
While eligible preventive care is covered at 100 percent by your Purdue medical plan, diagnostic care falls under your plan’s deductible and coinsurance arrangements. It’s important to understand the difference between the two types of care.

Preventive care helps protect you from getting sick. Diagnostic care is used to find the cause of existing illnesses.

For example, say your doctor suggests you have a colonoscopy because of your age when you have no symptoms. That’s preventive care. On the other hand, if you have symptoms, and your doctor suggests a colonoscopy to see what’s causing them, that’s diagnostic care.

A preventive colonoscopy can become diagnostic if your doctor finds polyps or other problems that the doctor treats during the colonoscopy. While this situation means that your colonoscopy will now fall under your deductible and coinsurance if you are covered by the Purdue Health Plan Plus HSA 1 and Purdue Health Plan Plus HSA 2, you still will have benefited from finding and treating the condition early and from getting it taken care of without undergoing the procedure a second time.

For more information about your medical plan’s preventive benefit, see Anthem’s flier or contact the Human Resources Service Center at 765-494-2222, or HR Help.

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