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About Leadership and Organizational Development

The department creates and manages University-wide leadership and staff learning strategies in alignment with strategic and departmental initiatives. We offer direct assistance in creating area-specific succession plans and large-scale change management strategies.

Please explore our site to learn more about how Leadership and Organizational Development can support you. If you have questions or recommendations concerning our programming, please send an e-mail to lod@purdue.edu and a member of our team will respond to the request or inquiry directly.

Adedayo Adeniyi

Adedayo Adeniyi, Director
E-mail: aadeniyi@purdue.edu
Telephone: 765-494-1683

Areas of Responsibility: Leadership development, staff evaluations, succession planning, organizational development, change management.

Amy Deitrich

Amy Deitrich, Instructional Training Specialist
Email: amymd@purdue.edu  
Telephone: 765-494-2893

Areas of Responsibility:
Annual Staff Evaluations, West Lafayette campus.

Hugh Gardner

Hugh Gardner, Technical Design Specialist
Email: hagardner@purdue.edu
Telephone: 765-494-0024

Areas of Responsibility:
Management, integration, and coordination of Leadership and Organizational Development training technology.

Melissa Gulick

Melissa Gulick, Faculty and Staff Recognition Coordinator
Email: magulick@purdue.edu
Telephone: 765-494-2755

Carrie Hanson

Carrie Hanson, Training Manager
Email: carrie@purdue.edu
Telephone: 765-494-7397

Areas of Responsibility:
APSAC, CSSAC, Accomplished Clerical Excellence, Spring Fling, Martin Award, staff years of service awards and recognition

Charlyce Patterson

Charlyce Patterson, Senior Talent Management Specialist
Email: cpatter@purdue.edu
Telephone: 765-494-6847

Areas of Responsibility:
CAAMP Learning Community, Council for Manager Development, creating and managing new learning communities across the West Lafayette campus, HR training registration system, manage Leadership and Organizational Development contract and vendor relations.