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Talent Acquisition Team

Guiding you through the hiring process

Purdue University's Talent Acquisition Team was developed to meet the needs of applicants and hiring supervisors alike. Our team works together to guide you through every step of the hiring process. Depending on your needs, you’ll be working with one of our talented specialists, coordinators or recruiters.

Specialists will be responsible for administrative/professional positions and will also assist with

  • reviewing resumes;
  • developing interview questions; and
  • search committee support.

Coordinators will take care of all non-exempt positions and will also assist with

  • reviewing resumes and
  • developing interview questions.

Executive Recruiters will handle senior-level and mission-critical positions and lend additional expertise by:

  • developing a recruiting plan and a position profile;
  • conducting a compatibility assessment;
  • in-depth researching, screening and interviewing of candidates ;
  • planning interviews and presenting qualified candidates;
  • serving as hostess during campus interviews; and
  • dual career assistance.

Meet the Talent Acquisition Team

  • Brenda Coulson, Director, Talent Acquisition
    Areas of responsibility: Posting Waivers, Internal Postings, Background Check Policy, Senior Level Recruiting

  • James Audley, Talent Acquisition Assistant
    Areas of responsibility: FNP and Lab Technicians, Taleo Help

  • Laura Brose, Executive Recruiter

  • Christine Canty, Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Areas of responsibility: College of Ag, Discovery Park, Student Affairs, VPR, and OperationsTechnical positions

  • Michele Flemming, Executive Recruiter
    Areas of responsibility: Senior Level Recruitment, CCRC, Administrative/Professional positions for Office of the Provost, Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer, VP of Marketing and Media, and VP of Engagement

  • Stephanie Ferguson, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

  • Sonia Hooker, Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Areas of responsibility: Administrative/Professional positions for Pharmacy, Nursing, HHS, Information Technology (colleges), Grad School, ISS, Libraries, OIR, Taleo, and Visa

  • Gina Kerr, HR Specialist

  • Sandy Mason, Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Areas of responsibility: Administrative/Professional Positions for Veterinary School, Athletics, and Engineering

  • Marcie Morris, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

  • Melanie Pickard, Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Areas of Responsibility: AG and Business Services, Technology, School of Management, and Liberal Arts

  • Moe Saadi, Talent Acquisition Coordinator
    Areas of responsibility: Administrative Assistants, Secretary, Clerk and Account Clerk, and Operation Technical positions