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Frequently Asked Questions

As an applicant you may have some questions about the employment process. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions from applicants:

System Questions

  • What is my username and password?
  • Forgot your username/password? Locked out?
  • What are the requirements for a username?

  • What are the password requirements?
  • Job Alert Emails, what are they?
  • Why do I get Job Alert emails for jobs that don't match my background?
  • How do I turn OFF/ON/Adjust the job alert emails I'm receiving?
  • I get emails from PurdueUniversity_HR@purdue.edu. Are these emails really from Purdue?
  • I received an email telling me that I need to answer legal questions to be considered for employment. Do I need to answer them?
  • How do I find out what jobs are available?
  • Is there a mobile App for Taleo?
  • What web browsers are supported?
  • How do I change the E-signature on an application?

Process Questions

  • How do I apply?
  • Do I have to submit a resume and/or an application?
  • Do the minimum requirements need to be on my resume?
  • I received a message that says, "The value in the field 'Start Date' cannot be after the value in the field 'Graduation Date'," what do I need to do?
  • How do I know if I need visa sponsorship for employment?
  • How do I prepare and submit a resume if I do not have my own computer?
  • Do I need to submit a cover letter with my resume?
  • How do I address my cover letter?
  • Do I have to have a special type of resume?
  • I always keep my resume to one page. How can I be detailed when I do that?
  • Can I update the resume I attached?
  • Can I opt to be considered for all open positions?
  • Am I automatically matched to jobs?
  • Should I submit a resume for each position I apply for?
  • How often do I have to submit a resume?
  • Can I update my application?
  • I turned in a resume and applied for a specific position(s) online. Can you tell me what my status is on that position(s) and/or if my resume has been forwarded to the hiring supervisor?
  • How long are jobs advertised?
  • When a position I was interested in is no longer on the website does this mean it has been filled? How do I find out when a position is filled?

  • Does the "computer" screen out my resume?

  • Do you use "key word" searches and should I be sure to include "key word" trip phrases in my resume?

  • I spoke with a hiring supervisor for a position that I applied for. He did not receive my resume. Can you tell me why?
  • Does Purdue University offer internships or summer employment?
  • How can I find out the pay rate for a specific position?