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Dual Career Assistance Program (Staff Assistance)

The Dual Career Assistance Program is intended to provide assistance to spouses and partners seeking faculty and non-faculty appointments at Purdue. For faculty positions, funds are typically available to provide partial, temporary funding to the hiring department of the spouse or domestic partner of a new faculty member. The funds for the spouse's/partner's position are typically shared by the hiring department, the department hiring the initial spouse or partner, and by the Office of the Provost. Usually each of these three units contributes one-third of the salary for up to two years, at which point the hiring department assumes the full cost. The initial position, thus, is considered a "bridge" to permanent employment.

Faculty who are seeking employment opportunities for a spouse or partner are encouraged to make that known to the hiring unit early in the process, given the difficulty and time involved in making unanticipated faculty appointments. For more information about faculty appointments, contact Interim Vice Provost Laurel Weldon.

Spouses or partners of current or prospective faculty who are seeking professional employment should contact the following individuals:

Laura Farkas
Faculty Recruitment and Retention Consultant
Colleges: Liberal Arts, Libraries, Management, Pharmacy, Science

Lauren Ratcliff
Faculty Recruitment and Retention Consultant
Colleges: Agriculture, Education, Health & Human Sciences, Technology, Veterinary Medicine

Michelle Jansen
Director of Concierge Program
Colleges: Engineering

Pam Nesbitt
HR Director for Academic Units and Employee Communications