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Essential tips to smooth paid parental leave processing

Paid parental leave (PPL) is a wonderful benefit for many Purdue employees, but setting it up can be confusing to some. Here's what you and your employees need to know to make the process as smooth as possible.

The basics

PPL is a benefit of employment, so an employee's use of PPL will not be considered a negative factor when it comes to attendance or employment actions. Employment actions include hiring, promotion, tenure and disciplinary action.

Departments should be flexible in managing PPL requests to allow faculty and staff to handle career and family responsibilities effectively and efficiently. When you have an employee on PPL, deal with workload issues proactively so that you do not place excessive work demands on other faculty and staff.

Request 30 days in advance

It's beneficial for both the employee and the employee's department to request the leave at least 30 days in advance of the baby's due date or the approximate date of adoption. Requesting PPL involves many steps, and we want to be sure of adequate time to review the process with the employee, to answer questions, to return required paperwork and to ensure Purdue pays the employee correctly.

We understand that under certain circumstances, a 30-day notice is not possible. In those instances, we can get the PPL paperwork processed in less time; however, to ensure that the employee's pay is handled appropriately and to minimize the need for corrections, 30 days' notice is preferred.

Coordinate with other types of leave

If the employee is eligible for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), it will run concurrently with PPL. In such cases, the FMLA guidelines govern.

Along with the use of their PPL, employees may use sick leave, if appropriate. It's very important to verify the amount of sick leave available. Non-exempt employees may verify their available sick leave by checking Employee Self Service or by asking their business offices. Exempt employees will need to check with their business offices to verify their available sick leave.

In general, here is the maximum available sick leave for exempt employees:

  • First year of service - 10 days at 100 percent
  • Upon first-year anniversary - 22 days at 100 percent and 22 days at 75 percent, minus usage in the past 365 days
  • Upon second-year anniversary - 44 days at 100 percent and 44 days at 75 percent, minus usage in the past 365 days
  • Upon third-year anniversary and beyond - 66 days at 100 percent and 66 days at 75 percent, minus usage in the past 365 days

Please refer to the appropriate sick leave policies for additional guidance:

Help's available

We're happy to meet with Purdue employees and their spouses to complete the proper paperwork and answer questions. If both spouses work at the University, we prefer to meet with them together. The couple must share their available FMLA and may or may not choose to share their PPL.

Purdue offers many helpful links for both business office staff and employees. Please be sure to check out these resources:

If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, please call us at 49-41310 or 49-66269.

-  Tammy Synesael, leaves administrator
   Human Resources Service Center

February 2012 issue

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