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Exit Interview


See Business Office Memorandum No. 142, Termination of Employment of Members of the Clerical and Service Staff, dated December 12, 1973


The following actions should be taken during the exit interview in connection with termination's for a staff member who leaves for reasons other than a disabling illness or injury:

  1. Keys, tools, clothing, books, and other University property that have been assigned to the employee should be accounted for and checked in.

  2. University Parking Permit "A or B" should be obtained from the employee and returned to the Parking Facilites Department.

  3. Final payment should be computed in accordance with Biweekly Payroll regulations. There are no provisions for severance pay. During the time after advance notice is given, the employee must work or be in an authorized pay status to receive pay.

  4. The staff member should be informed of the amount of unused vacation and personal holiday, if any, that will be included in his final paycheck.

  5. The staff member should be told the date that his/her final paycheck will be available and the location from which it can be picked up.

  6. The staff member should be informed that the effective date of termination will be his/her last day of work.

  7. A forwarding address should be secured for use in sending the year-end Tax Form W-2 and any other mailings that must be sent.

  8. If the staff member has been a participant in the Public Employees' Retirement Fund and is terminating with fewer than ten years creditable service, he/she should be advised that he/she may claim a refund of his/her contributions by completing Claim for Refund of Contributions and Suspension of Membership (State Form 940R5) Refund forms are automatically sent to eligible individuals when the terminating department processes a Form 4.

    • If he/she has more than ten years of service he/she should be asked to contact Human Resources Compensation and Benefits for information regarding retirement benefits.

  9. If the staff member has been a participant in the University Group Insurance Program, the individual should be notified in writing that (a) group coverage available at employee rates will terminate on the effective date of termination (normally the last day of work) and (b) he/she is entitled to continue health plan coverage through the provisions of COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act).

  10. Individuals no longer eligible to continue the group insurance plans may:

    • Continue medical/vision insurance and health care flexible spending accounts for up to 18 months through COBRA. Cobra information is sent to eligible individuals when the terminating department processes a Form 4.

    • Group Life Insurance may be converted to an individual Prudential plan if application is made within 31 days of the termination date. A Prudential agent of the individual's choice should be contacted for conversion.

  11. If the employee is alien to the United States and is terminating to return to his/her home country, he/she should notify his/her department of the termination and assist in completing the Tax Clearance Memo. The department will return the memo to the Payroll Department. Payroll will generate a W-2 Form and a 1042S Form for the employee to take to the local Internal Revenue Service Office to secure a "sailing permit."

  12. The interviewer should discuss with the terminating staff member the right to file a claim for Unemployment Compensation.

  13. Report of Termination of Employment (Human Resources Form 4) must be completed by the supervisor for all terminating nonstudent employees. Form 4 should be submitted, as indicated on the copies of the form, on or before the date of termination. If the termination is for University reasons, the signatures of both the supervisor and the department head are required.

  14. To affect the payroll termination for monthly-paid staff, the effective date of termination must be entered on a Payroll Change (Form 10). To effect the payroll termination for biweekly paid staff, only Human Resources Form 4 need be processed.

  15. Those departments who have terminating staff who handle or have access to classified information must direct such staff members to the Sponsored Program Services Office for instructions on the seriousness of disclosure of such classified information.

  16. The employee should be informed that termination's resulting from discharge action by the employing department may be grieved by use of the grievance procedure for biweekly staff as outlined in Business Office Memorandum No. 137.

When a staff member is terminating because of a disabling illness or injury, the Human Resources Department, Staff Benefits Section should be contacted for a determination of possible entitlement to benefits from the group insurance and retirement programs. Steps 1, 4, 12, and 13 should be followed.