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Employee Relations Team

  • Trenten D. Klingerman, J.D.
    Director of Employee Relations
    Phone: 765-496-6846
    Fax: 765-496-3739
  • Alvin Lee
    Employee Relations Specialist
    Phone: 765-494-7418
    Fax: 765-496-3739
    • Areas of Responsibility: Honors College, College of Science, College of Technology, Team Building and Intervention, Libraries, Purdue University Press and Copyright Office, Bindley and Birck Centers in Discovery Park
  • Jan Metzinger, SPHR
    Human Resources Consultant
    Phone: 765-494-5223
    Fax: 765-494-1178
    • Areas of Responsibility: Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Connie Reckowsky, Certified Employment Law Mediator
    Employee Relations Specialist
    Phone: 765-496-7260
    Fax: 765-496-3739
    • Areas of Responsibility: The Graduate School, College of Health and Human Sciences, College of Engineering, Office of the Treasurer
  • Teresa Rohler
    Phone: 765-494-1679
    Fax: 765-496-3739
    • Areas of Responsibility: Primary contact for Employee Relations area
  • Pat D. Russell, SPHR
    Employee Relations Administrator
    Phone: 765-494-0269
    Fax: 765-496-3739
    • Areas of Responsibility: ADA Accommodations, FMLA Regulations, Drug and alcohol testing per regulations
  • Samuel Warren III
    Employee Relations Specialist
    Phone: 765-494-7066
    • Areas of Responsibility: College of Education, College of Liberal Arts, School of Pharmacy, Krannert School of Management, International Programs, Office for Vice President for Research and Discovery Park (except Bindley and Birck)
  • Sharon Williams
    Senior Employee Relations Specialist
    Phone: 765-494-7398
    Fax: 765-496-3739
    • Areas of Responsibility: College of Agriculture and Extension, Engagement, Executive Offices, Space Management, Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President for Public Affairs, Enrollment Management, Government Relations, School of Veterinary Medicine, Vice President for Human Resources

Other Areas

Housing and Food Services (HFS) and Physical Facilities (PF) Human Resources

Information Technology (OVPIT) Employee Relations
Phone: 765-496-2266
Fax: 765-496-2275

University Development Human Resources
Phone: 765-494-8653
Fax: 765-496-2275