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Employee Relations Services


Employee Relations professionals offer counsel, guidance and advice to employees, supervisors and leaders on work-related issues and concerns by providing an environment where employees feel safe participating in a process supportive of their right to address and resolve workplace concerns.  We ensure consistent interpretation and application of University policies, practices, and procedures.  We are also able to provide departments with programming on myriad topics related to the workplace.  For more information or consultation, please contact the Specialist  in your area.

Workplace Growth Opportunities

To learn more about the development opportunities available through the Employee Relations area, select any of the Current Training Offerings from Employee Relations.  If interested in any of the training sessions or if you did not see a topic to fit your related purpose, please contact the Specialist in your area. We are able to design sessions based on your workplace needs.

Staff Retreats and other Departmental Training Opportunities

A Specialist will work directly with departments on staff retreats and various other topics based on your needs, goals, mission, and values.  Please contact the Specialist in your area.

Organizational, Leadership, Climate Assessments, Reorganizations and Organizational Design

A Specialist will work directly with a department to gather valuable input on the perceptions of the current work environment.  Assessments are designed to identify important strengths of the department and recognize where potential growth and development opportunities exist.  In addition, a Specialist will partner with departments by offering counsel, guidance, and advice regarding reorganizations and organizational designs to address a number of reasons including organizational performance gaps, financial concerns, or to explore opportunities for improvement.  Please contact the Specialist in your area.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008

The Employee Relations Administrator is available to evaluate Purdue faculty and staff (including student employees) under the ADA for workplace accommodations.  Additional information or questions regarding disability and reasonable accommodations may be found in the publication,  Access Purdue, Access Purdue, or by calling (765) 494-0269.

Additional Leaves of Absences information can be found by visiting Human Resources Leaves.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Per Regulations

Individuals employed as commercial motor vehicle operators are governed by the US Department of Transportation regulations and are subject to drug and alcohol testing procedures developed by Human Resources.  The Employee Relations Administrator is available to assist supervisors and employees with questions regarding these regulations and procedures by calling (765) 494-0269.  Additional information may be found in the publication, Alcohol and Drug Information.

Current Training Offerings from Employee Relations


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