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Compensation Contacts

Areas of Responsibility

  • hr@purdue.edu:
    general email Please direct general HR-Compensation questions to this email

  • Darrel Castricone: Director, Compensation
    Phone: 765-494-7389

  • Monica Boone: Assistant
    Phone: 765-494-0097

  • Donna Dye: Compensation Specialist
    Phone: 765-494-6848

    Areas of Responsibility:
    College of Liberal Arts, College of Technology, College of Education, Enrollment Management, Office of the Provost (excluding Student Life), Teaching & Learning

  • Sue Gibson: Compensation Specialist
    Phone: 765-496-1840

    Areas of Responsibility:
    College of Agriculture, College of Science, Senior VP & Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer

  • Julie Schultz-Cory: Compensation/Org Management Specialist
    Phone: 765-494-7394

    Areas of Responsibility:
    Affiliated Organizations, College of Health & Human Sciences, College of Pharmacy, College of Veterinary Medicine, Intercollegiate Athletics, Libraries/University Press, Org Management (SAP)

  • Sasse Steele: Senior Compensation Specialist
    Phone: 765-496-7752

    Areas of Responsibility:
    Executive VP for Research & Partnerships, College of Engineering, President & BOT, School of Management, VP for Human Resources, VP for Public Affairs

  • Viki Tillotson: Compensation Specialist/Project Lead
    Phone: 765-494-7415

    Area of Responsibility:
    Academic Advisors, Bravo, Special Projects

  • Amanda Hassenplug: HR Coordinator

    Areas of Responsibility: Temporary and Grouped Position Requests
    (send emails to: tempgroupedrequests@purdue.edu)