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Supervisor’s Guide to Healthy Living at Work Pilot

Purdue is piloting a Healthy Living at Work program in its ongoing effort to encourage healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes among employees. Achieving these goals can help improve job performance, increase work satisfaction and reduce health care costs for the employee and the University.

The pilot will run from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31, 2013.

Who is eligible for the pilot?

All benefits-eligible, non-exempt (hourly) employees at the West Lafayette campus who are covered by a Purdue medical plan are eligible to participate in the pilot.

What does the pilot offer eligible employees?

  • The Healthy Living at Work pilot provides up to 90 minutes of paid release time throughout the duration of the pilot to travel to the Center for Healthy Living for one visit, get an annual physical exam and return to the workplace.
  • The employee does not need to make up the paid release time.
  • The annual physical exam and preventive lab work will be provided at no charge to the employee.

Where can the employee go for the annual physical exam?

The pilot covers annual physical exam services through Purdue’s Center for Healthy Living only.

When can the employee go?

The pilot runs from Aug. 1 through Dec. 31, 2013 The Center for Healthy Living is open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We expect this pilot to be popular. While the center can’t help everybody at the same time, everyone who’s interested should be able to get in before the pilot ends.

Peak volume times, special projects or staff absences may affect when your employees can be away from the job to participate in the Healthy Living at Work pilot. Please be flexible and collaborative in working with your employee to ensure that business needs will be met and to keep the impact on your department to a minimum.  

How does an employee participate in the Healthy Living at Work pilot?

The employee will complete the following steps:

  • Talk with the supervisor to discuss acceptable times to be away from the workplace and any appointment times the employee should avoid.
  • Make an appointment at the Center for Healthy Living.
  • Fill out the Form 33Absence (Form 33A), showing the time the employee will be away from the job.
  • Turn in the completed form to request approval. The employee should give the form to the person who normally processes the employee’s leave requests.
  • Go to the appointment.
  • At the appointment, request a Proof of Attendance sheet to give to the supervisor. HIPAA laws cover the exam, so the sheet will not include any personal health details.
  • Record the time away on the time sheet as “Other leave.”

Release time for this pilot is a privilege and is not a guaranteed benefit.

Employees who abuse the privilege to participate in the pilot may have the privilege revoked and/or will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

How should our department prepare for the pilot?

Departments are encouraged to establish protocol for submitting, considering and approving participation in a manner that best fits their business needs.

The Employee Relations team in Human Resources is available to answer questions and to help you establish procedures that will work efficiently in your area.

Sample scenarios

  • An employee has scheduled an appointment for an annual physical exam, but finds out on the day of the appointment that a project needs her full attention. The business need of the department will come first, and the employee will reschedule her appointment.
  • A business unit on campus is extremely busy during peak times of the year, such as July and August. In this case, the unit head or designated supervisor may choose to grant release time for the pilot during only September through December.
  • A department is busy during the lunch hour every day. The department may set a guideline that employees may only request release time occurring between 8 – 11 a.m. or 2 – 5 p.m.
  • An employee has been approved to participate in the pilot and has time available to do so. The supervisor is asking for proof that the employee used the time appropriately. The employee will ask the center for a Proof of Attendance sheet, which does not include any details of the visit, but does verify the time of the qualifying appointment.


Please contact Human Resources at 49-42222 or hr@purdue.edu.

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Healthy Living at Work Pilot FAQs