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Our approach to health care

Through Purdue's Center for Healthy Living, covered faculty, staff and dependents experience a style of health care that may be different from what they've experienced before. A proactive health care team tailors the Center for Healthy Living experience to meet each client’s individual health care, lifestyle and work-life needs. Multiple health care teams serve client needs.

Holistic, team approach: Personalized time and interaction between the client and the client's health care team are the hallmarks of the center. The health care team, which is led by a physician or a nurse practitioner, focuses on the individual needs of the whole person, rather than just the physical person. Depending on the client, on-campus programs and services may be offered for nutrition, stress management, physical activity, child care and more.

Collaborative care: When a client has an established relationship with a community physician, the Center for Healthy Living team welcomes the opportunity to partner with the community doctor. With the client’s approval, the health care team updates the community doctor about services the client receives through the center, allowing the center’s health team, the client and the community doctor to work collaboratively on the client’s behalf.

Support for good health and lifestyle change: With each visit, the client and the client's health care team discuss the overall plan for the individual’s health. Preventive care is a key focus. Members of the health care team work together to create the best opportunity for the client’s individual and family success for a lifetime of wellness.

Added convenience through technology: A Web portal gives clients easy, readily available access to online appointment scheduling and lab results. Clients are also able to communicate with their health care team through the portal.