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Fair market value pricing samples

  • Allergies: $50 - $60 
  • Bronchitis/cough/flu: $60 - $70
  • Earache/ear infection: $50 - $60
  • Pink eye/sty: $30 - $40
  • Sore throat/strep: $40 - $50
  • Urinary tract infection/bladder infection: $50 - $60
  • Follow-up visit for chronic condition (diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism): $50 - $60

Ranges include common tests and fees associated with the condition. Your fee may be more or less than stated here, depending on the actual tests ordered and any additional concerns you may have.

A word about your first visit at the Center for Healthy Living: You will be charged for a "new patient" visit the first time you use the center for care. Because of this, your first center visit may be more expensive than what you have paid as an already "established patient" at another doctor or health care facility.