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Immediate Treatment Options

For work-related illnesses or injuries

Approved treatment facilities

When you need immediate treatment for a work-related illness or injury, go to an approved health care facility in your locale:

West Lafayette campus

Non-Emergency Treatment and Follow-up Care

IU Health Arnett Occupational Health
(765) 448-8000
2600 Greenbush St.
Dr. C. Griffin & Dr. D. Greeson
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Regional Occupational Care Center (ROCC)
(765) 446-2450
1321 Unity Pl., Suite A
Dr. Libby Riggs
Hours: 8am-6pm M-F

Use the Urgent Care and Immediate Care Center if the facilities above are closed.

IU Health Arnett Urgent Care
253 Sagamore Pkwy West
Ph: (765) 448-8000
Hours: 7am-9pm 7 days/wk
8am-8pm holidays

IU Health Arnett Urgent Care
1 Walter Scholer Drive (off Old US 231)
Ph: (765) 448-8000
Hours: 8am-8pm 7 days/wk
Closed on major holidays
Unity Immediate care Center
1321 Unity Pl. Suite B
Ph: (765) 446-1362
Hours: 8am-8pm 7 days/wk
except Christmas

Franciscan Express Care
1501 Hartford St.
(old St. Elizabeth Central Emergency Rm)
Ph: (765) 423-6850
Hours: Noon-10pm 7 days/wk

Franciscan Express Care
915 Sagamore Pkwy West
Ph: (765)463-6262
Hours: 8am-8pm 7 days/wk

Use the hospital emergency rooms if it is a true emergency or if the above facilities are not open.

Emergency Care
ST. Elizabeth East
1701 S. Creasy Lane
(765) 502-4000
OR      IU Health Arnett
5165 McCarty Lane
(765) 838-5100


  • Comprehensive Care
  • Working Well/Hammond Clinic
  • St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare Center
  • Community Hospital Emergency Room

Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne (IPFW)

  • Parkview Occupational Health
  • Redi Med
  • Any Emergency Room

North Central

  • IU Health/Workforce Health
  • Working Well
  • Health Access/Northern IN Occupational Medical Service (NIOM)

Outside of Purdue's campus areas

If you're outside Purdue's campus areas, contact your supervisor, or contact Christie at JWF at 800-359‐6659, for information about where to go for care.

Tell the health care provider to send the bill to JWF Specialty instead of to your medical insurance plan.

NOTE: Medical treatment beyond the initial visit requires approval by Purdue's worker's compensation insurance carrier, JWF Specialty. If you do not obtain pre-approval, your medical expenses may be denied, leaving you to pay the bill.

Transportation Information

When no ambulance is needed

  • If you can safely drive yourself, you may use your own vehicle to go to an approved medical provider.
  • Your supervisor or another designated person may drive you to an approved medical provider using his or her own vehicle or one owned by the University.
  • If someone drives his or her own vehicle, the driver assumes liability for any damage to the vehicle or to any other involved vehicles, if an accident occurs.

Examples of injuries that do not require an ambulance

When an ambulance is needed

  • If the situation is a medical emergency, call 911. If you are calling from a non-campus phone, let the operator know that you are on the Purdue campus. The operator either will transfer your call to the Purdue dispatcher or will call for the Purdue ambulance.

Examples of injuries or health problems that require an ambulance