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High-Tech Imaging

Need an MRI, a CT scan or other high-tech imaging?

Here's how to get required approval and find a reasonable price

Employees and family members covered on a Purdue medical plan who need high-tech imaging, like an MRI or CT scan, have two services to help them get the right test at a reasonable price: MedSolutions and Castlight.

Anthem and Pre-certification

When you use in-network providers, your provider is responsible for handling pre-certification for you. If you go out of network, you will want to be sure these imaging services are being pre-certified through Anthem.


Castlight, Purdue’s health care shopping tool, lets you search for a high-tech imaging provider before you go for a test. For example, a quick check of Castlight shows that an in-network MRI of the abdomen costs between $671 and $4,199 in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area, depending on the provider.

If you anticipate that your doctor will be ordering high-tech imaging for a particular condition, check Castlight before going to your doctor appointment. Then, if your physician orders one of these services, you’ll know which facility you want to use and can tell your doctor.