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Dental Insurance

You may participate in the dental insurance program if you are employed half-time or more in a benefits-eligible faculty or staff position. Separate information on graduate staff dental insurance is available.

Dependents are your legal spouse or same-sex domestic partner (SSDP) and dependent children until the children reach their 26th birthday.

Dental Insurance Choices

PPO Point of Service Plan PPO Standard Plan
  2014 and 2015       2014 and 2015
Employee Only $361  $216
Employee & Spouse $671 $401
Employee & Child(ren) $821 $500
Employee, Spouse & Child(ren) $1,198 $715

The Point of Service plan provides the most cost-effective benefits for diagnostic, preventive and a schedule of treatment for restorative work if Delta Dental PPO network is used. Services provided by non-PPO dentists are reimbursed at a reduced percentage.

The Standard Plan provides diagnostic, preventive and basic treatments ONLY when a Delta Dental PPO dentist provides the care.

How to Enroll (during annual open enrollment)

Dental plans are administered on a calendar year and are subject to the rules associated with Purdue's cafeteria plan. Your premiums are taken from your pay before taxes are calculated. Elections made during the annual open enrollment will be in effect from January through December, unless you have a qualifying change in family status.

Any deductible or plan limits associated with your plan are tracked on a January-December basis.

You may view and enroll in dental benefits using the online EBenefits system. Go to the Purdue Employee Portal, choose EBenefits, and then sign on using your Purdue career account username and password.

Diagram highlighting the Delta Dental ID number
Your Delta Dental ID number is your Purdue University ID number, minus the first zero. Without the first zero, the PUID is nine digits long. Do not add the trailing tenth number; this is a version number.


Indiana PPO Certificate 2014 (pdf)

Purdue Active Staff 5186 Option One (pdf)

Purdue Active Staff 9824 Option Two (pdf)

Do you have an HSA?

Most dental services are eligible expenses for your HSA account. For more information, visit PayFlex’s website here.

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