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Critical Illness Insurance

Administered by Unum

Coverage for critical illnesses

Critical Illness insurance through Unum pays a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness including heart attack, cancer, stroke, carcinoma in situ, coronary artery bypass surgery, end stage renal (kidney) failure, major organ failure, permanent paralysis as the result of a covered accident, coma as the result of severe traumatic brain injury, blindness and benign brain tumor.

Other features include:

  • You select your coverage amount, from $5,000 to $50,000.
  • Children are automatically covered at 25 percent of the selected employee benefit.
  • A wellness benefit of $75 each calendar year is paid if a covered person completes a covered health screening (for example, mammogram, colonoscopy, Pap test, prostate exam, blood panel, etc.).
  • Benefits are paid directly to you and are in addition to Purdue's medical and disability benefits.

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How to enroll (not restricted to annual open enrollment)

  • Click on “Link to UNUM” at the bottom of the critical illness screen within the online benefits system, EBenefits.
  • Call 855-892-6224 for enrollment support over the phone.

Contact Unum

  • Unum
    Claims - 800-633-7479


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