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Lactation Support Program

World Breastfeeding Week

Several local events are planned in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7).

  • 2015 Big Latch On – 10:30 a.m., Saturday, August 1, at Velvet Lotus Photography, 900 Kossuth St., Lafayette.
  • Greater Lafayette Breastfeeding Celebration – 1-4 p.m., Saturday, August 8, in  the park next to Hanna Community Center, 1201 N. 18th St., Lafayette. This free event is intended for families who are/have/or are interested in breastfeeding. Come and enjoy a time of celebration featuring light refreshment, booths and displays. Co -sponsored by Healthy Active Tippecanoe  Breast Feeding Committee and participating community agencies.
  • Live, Love, Latch – 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Saturday, August 29, Lafayette Farmer’s Market. The event will include face-to-face support, a variety of breastfeeding information and much more!
  • Mothering the New Mother – 1-2 p.m., Saturday, September 12, Kathryn Weil Center. This free program will help to inform grandmothers and breastfeeding mothers how to become a breastfeeding advocate, so that new mothers will feel supported and encouraged to meet their breastfeeding goals. Registration required through the Center.

Lactation Support Program Overview

Since 2008, Purdue University has been proud to join hundreds of employers across the United States in providing support for their employees who are breastfeeding mothers. Research has shown lactation support from an employer helps to lower health care costs, turnover rates, and absenteeism while increasing employee productivity and morale.

Through the Lactation Support Program, Purdue University Human Resources provides an information packet for expecting mothers, lactation spaces for breastfeeding and resources to help employees be successful in their transition back to work after having a child.

Information Request

Please register for the Lactation Support Program. Not only is registration simple and free, but the information you provide will help us continue the program. While registering, you can select the option to receive a mother’s packet with information on what to do when preparing to return to work, as well as other resources for expecting and breastfeeding mothers.

If any employee needs assistance with any portion of the lactation support program, please complete a registration form to detail the request or contact Human Resources – Worksite Health & Child Care Specialist at 496-0312.

West Lafayette Campus Lactation Spaces

Lactation Resources

Information for Employees and Supervisors

Information for Lactation Space Contacts and Building Deputies