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Castlight Frequently Asked Questions

Castlight is a personalized shopping tool that helps you take control of your health care and get more for your money. Castlight lets you compare doctors and other medical services based on quality, convenience and cost. Purdue provides Castlight at no charge to employees covered by a Purdue medical plan. 

Registering and accessing your CAstlight account.

How and when Castlight can save you money

  • When should I use Castlight?
  • How much can I expect to save?
  • If I already have a doctor, how can I benefit from Castlight?
  • What types of care can I search for on Castlight?
  • How does Castlight compare to other services on the Internet?

Provider and experience reviews in Castlight

Assistance and contact with Castlight

  • What are Castlight Guides, and how can they help me?
  • How often will I hear from Castlight?
  • Where do I go for more help with Castlight?
  • The search results are not within the requested range of my home address. What's wrong?
  • How can I give feedback and suggestions to Castlight?

Medical plan and personal information on Castlight

  • Are details about Purdue's vision, dental, and FSA/HSA plans available on Castlight?
  • Are prescription claims showing in Castlight under the Past Care tab?
  • How often is the information in Castlight updated?
  • Is my information private and secure?