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2013 Tiered Lab Benefit

The Incentive Plan and Copay Plan have a tiered lab benefit.

No deductible applies to lab services.

To use a Tier 1 lab, ask your doctor to fax a lab order to your preferred Tier 1 facility or take a written and signed order with you when you go to the lab. The order will have the information the Tier 1 lab needs for processing your lab work and sending the results to your health care provider. Results are available only from your health care provider; please don't call the lab for results.

See below about benefits for preventive lab work.

Read our tiered lab benefit FAQs.

Save money using a Tier 1 lab

The next time you need a lab test, talk with your doctor about choosing a Tier 1 lab to help save money. Most doctors are willing to use the lab that best meets your needs.

Generally, the cost for a lab test at a Tier 1 lab will be less than if you had the test done at a hospital or the doctor's office, even if the hospital or doctor participates in Cigna's network. You can compare costs for specific lab tests by using the Treatment Cost Calculator available at myCigna.com. Click the Estimate Health Care Costs tab at the top of the page. Then, under Medical Cost Estimator, click "estimate your average medical costs." Under the Find Procedures & Medical Costs column is a link to compare lab tests.

Preventive lab work

Lab tests that are considered preventive are covered at 100 percent at both Tier 1 and Tier 2 labs; however, some lab tests may be considered preventive in some cases and non-preventive, or diagnostic, in other situations. Generally, preventive lab work includes services for symptom-free or disease-free individuals who are at increased risk for a particular disease. For more information about preventive care, including preventive lab work, refer to Cigna's Preventive Health Coverage Quick Reference Guide.

To avoid the possibility of paying 30 percent for your lab work, should it be considered diagnostic, use a Tier 1 lab. Both preventive and diagnostic services at a Tier 1 lab are paid at 100 percent by the medical plans.


If you have questions, call the number on the back of your Cigna ID card or search the provider directory at www.myCigna.com or www.cigna.com.